Preventive eyecare
When patients visit for a routine exam, Dr. Kessler does more than check the quality of your vision. He offers a full compliment of tests to ensure that your eyes remain healthy.

  • Digital retinal photography ensures we capture the best picture of your eye health, and can help catch the early stages of macular degeneration or diabetes.

  • For some patients, genetic testing can be used to discern your future risk for certain eye diseases while Dr. Kessler’s nutritional counseling can help you manage your diet and utilize supplements to optimize your eye health.

  • Of course, Dr. Kessler advises all patients return for an annual routine eye exam as an important part of any care plan for optimal visual acuity and eye health.

Medical eyecare
Not every visit to our office is for a routine checkup. As a medical provider, Dr. Kessler is prepared to diagnose and treat eye acute eye diseases and manage chronic medical optometric issues. Your care may be covered by health insurance.

Custom digital lenses
Not all eyeglass lenses are created equal. Kessler Optical’s opticians will find the custom digital lens design that is right for your prescription and takes your daily visual needs into account. Whether you spend your day creating art on a tablet or playing golf, we’ll find the right lenses to meet your personal needs.

Orthokeratology, also known as corneal refractive therapy (CRT) or the "dream lens", is a non-surgical process that temporarily reshapes the cornea while you sleep using a specially designed contact lens. Your remove the lenses when you awake and are able to go throughout your day with out any other vision correction. Dr. Kessler will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for this process after a routine eye exam.

Specialty contacts for corneal disease
Specialty contact lenses can treat patients with keratoconus and other corneal pathologies. Rigid gas-permeable (RGP), scleral, and hybrid contact lenses each have different strengths and Dr. Kessler has the experience with each to determine the best fit for each patient he sees.