Frame Lines

Our optical technicians work hard to bring in the latest in fashion and specialty frame lines. Leading designers around the world have taken eye glass frames to a whole new level. No longer do frames get in the way of being fashionable... They are the height of fashion!

Oliver Peoples

Founded in 1987, Oliver Peoples began with the introduction of a retro-inspired eyewear collection created by renowned designer Larry Leight. Headquartered in Los Angeles, where Hollywood and fashion converge, Oliver Peoples now has five retail stores, and is also available at fine optical and specialty stores on six continents in more than 45 countries and territories.

Paul Smith

The Paul Smith Spectacles collection features the whimsical yet classic designs and attention to detail synonymous with renowned British designer, Sir Paul Smith. Sophisticated yet edgy, the frames are crafted by hand of the highest quality materials. The heart of the collection is color.

Alain Mikli

Alain Mikli is a French designer of high-end handmade eyeglasses and accessories. Mikli's line features unique colors and shapes, and are a favorite among European celebrities and avant-garde Americans.

Starck Eyes

Because sight is our most important sense, Philippe Starck & Alain Mikli have invented the eyes of the future, Starck Eyes. Their combined creativity and technical expertise have given birth to a new concept in eyewear, BIOVISION: frames inspired by human beings.


LINDBERG is a Danish design company being the leader within its field with its high-fashion eyewear designs that are characterised by their unique functionality and comfort. All LINDBERG frames are customised to the individual wearer's wishes and needs. LINDBERG frames are among the lightest frames in the world - while also being incredibly flexible and strong. The sophisticated details and the innovative design are the very values focused on in the international design world. For this reason, LINDBERG has been awarded a large number of the most prestigious design prizes in the world.


Blackfin is a collection of unique, light, titanium eyewear designed and produced in Italy.

L.A. Eyeworks

L.A. Eyeworks pushes the envelope in eye wear design, and caters to those who express themselves through unique fashion with playful details. Their frames are seen on celebrities such as Debbi Mazar, Pee Wee Herman and Justin Bond- from Broadway's "Kiki and Herb Alive On Broadway."


The EYEVAN collection is designed and manufactured in Japan, drawing on a century of pioneering work in allowing eyewear to exist as both medical device and fashion accessory. We are honored to be amongst the handful of distributors in the United States to carry this line.


RES/REI frames are designed and made in Italy, created with the principles of simplicity, durability, and individuality in mind. These frames are made using materials sourced to the area of production, cutting down on the carbon footprint required for their creation.


La LOOP creates, manufactures and sells products that marry both fashion and function. The La LOOP collection of eyewear necklaces keeps eyewear at your fingertips in a stylish yet functional way. Be sure to check out the short film, "A Marais Loop" on their website!


OYOBox luxury eyewear organizers allow you to store and organize your designer frames in style. Never again rummage through dressers and drawers to choose your eyewear for the day. Eyewear belongs in an OYOBox same as jewelry belongs in a jewelry box.


Vuarnet is a French collection of sport sunglasses inspired by vintage styles inspired by the vision and comfortneeds of Olympic skiers in the 1950s.

Rudy Project

Rudy Project is a modern, marketing oriented company that has established itself as a leading brand worldwide. Rudy Project designs and manufactures hi-tech sunglasses, goggles, helmets and accessories using the application of science, advanced materials and computer technology to create functional, aesthetically superior and technologically advanced products. Their products have been worn by many greats including Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, Jan Ullrich, Erik Zabel, Claudio Chiappucci, Abraham Olano, Michellie Jones, Spencer Smith, Laurence LeBoucher and countless others.

Maui Jim

Born on the sunny beaches of Hawaii in the early 1980s, Maui Jim® Sunglasses were born out of need. In this case, the need was for a sunglass that would eliminate the harsh Hawaiian glare without distorting the beautiful colors of the island scenery. Everyone said it was impossible — the elimination of glare and color clarity just did not go together. After years of research and development, the impossible became a reality.


Ogi is the ultimate in affordable luxury. The architectural brilliance of the frame design and applications of the components and material create a high end desirable eyewear collection. Ogi combines the finest materials from all over the world creating a unique eyewear collection that are sold in the best optical retailers worldwide. The creative use of colors used by designer David Spencer have become Ogi's signature for success. The combination of talent, fashion and affordable pricing makes Ogi the logical choice in luxury eyewear.